Pooch or Purr?

Smart Sustainable Nutrition.
Healthier Plant-Based Food and Treats for your Pet and the Planet. Carbon Neutral Shipping.
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UNBEATABLE, Smart Nutrition.
Get all the goodness of nature in flavour-packed foods and treats! High protein, nutritionally complete and balanced formulas to ensure your Pooch thrives! Reduce inflammation caused by a bad diet, a natural way to a healthier pet. Tasty treats, full of natural flavours your dog will love! Options for Cats too.  LEARN MORE about making the switch

HELP Our Planet. All items 100% Free of Animal Proteins. Carbon Neutral Shipping.
Imagine a world where we can reduce land use by 
75%, save billions of animal lives every day, slash our carbon emissions and thrive by eating friendlier, healthier food. All we have to do is eat Smarter. LEARN MORE about the environmental benefits

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What are our Customers are Saying?

Excellent. I ordered a variety of the samples - food & treats - and my greyhound gobbled them up. I look forward to ordering full size products now. Delivery was prompt, with no issues. Thank you.

Sonja, VIC

Thank you for your prompt service and answers to my queries. Very professional and educated about their product, and my dogs were happy. I would definitely recommend!

Simone, QLD

Our family have enjoyed first class service from this company & our Dog Lui enjoys the sweet potato 🍠 treats along with the vegan food. We have been so impressed with the quality of food we have also purchased sample packs to share this good news with friends & family

Alison, QLD

I’ve been feeding Jayla vegan dry food and home cooked plant food for over two years - her energy increased (she’s like a puppy!), eyes were brighter - she’s almost 17! Even her new vet couldn’t believe her age - pups thrive on plant based diets!!

Kirsty, SA

We have been feeding Jet a plant-based diet since January 2019 and he is generally a very fussy eater but is actually enjoying his veggie meals much more than his premium meat-based dog foods we used to feed him. He is always lining up at his bowl each night and devours the food.

Alex, QLD

My dog Little Bear is a large mixed breed dog who we rescued at 6 months old. He struggled a lot with a few health issues, including a reoccurring rash, struggling to maintain weight, and quite strong anxiety symptoms. We now have him on v-dog which is the best we have found, his anxiety has settled down and he rarely gets skin issues – our vet CONSTANTLY praises his health whenever we go on, saying he has a beautiful healthy coat and clear eyes and beautiful healthy teeth.

Penny, QLD

Thanks for such a quick delivery, I was very surprised. My Staffies won't eat anything off a supermarket shelf so I thought I would try some of your treats. A definite winner and I was most happy with that. Cheers.

Heather, QLD