Community Stories

Community Stories

Others need your help! Share your story here so that others can learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet and what your experience has been like.

You'll be making a difference by helping to spread the word and inspire others to go plant-based! Plus if your story gets published you'll be in the draw to win a $20 voucher drawn this month!

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Some talking points that might help others:

  • Tell us about you and your pet?
  • What are your pet's favourite foods?
  • How long have you been eating plant-based?
  • How is your dog's health, particularly if you have treated stomach problems / skin issues / allergies / joints etc. What has worked for you?
  • Is your dog a fussy eater, how do you deal with this?
  • Any other feelings, concerns, thoughts or experiences?


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  • Penny

    May 02, 2019


    My dog Little Bear is a large mixed breed dog who we rescued at 6 months old. He struggled a lot with a few health issues, including a reoccurring rash, struggling to maintain weight, and quite strong anxiety symptoms – after trialing medications for these issues and many different high end meat-based dog foods including a diet supplemented with raw lean meat (kangaroo) we discovered information about plant based diets for dogs, we decided to trial him on veganpet and found that his health issues began improving! He gained weight and finally got into a healthy weight category quite quickly and then his weight stabilised. We now have him on v-dog which is the best we have found, his anxiety has settled down and he rarely gets skin issues – our vet CONSTANTLY praises his health whenever we go on, saying he has a beautiful healthy coat and clear eyes and beautiful healthy teeth – while he’s thriving we are so thrilled to have him plant based. Better for him AND the planet!!

  • Kirsty, SA

    Apr 14, 2019

    Kirsty, SA

    I’ve been feeding Jayla vegan dry food and home cooked plant food for over two years – her energy increased (she’s like a puppy!), eyes were brighter – she’s almost 17! Even her new vet couldn’t believe her age – pups thrive on plant based diets!!

  • Alex, QLD

    Apr 10, 2019

    Alex, QLD

    Jet is our family Standard Poodle. Since changing Jet to a plant-based diet he loves the V-dog and Biopet kibble. On top of his plant-based kibble, he really seems to enjoy pureed pumpkin, sweet potato and rice.

    We have been feeding Jet a plant-based diet since January 2019 and he is generally a very fussy eater but is actually enjoying his veggie meals much more than his premium meat-based dog foods we used to feed him. He is always lining up at his bowl each night and devours the food.

    While initially unsure about feeding our dog plant-based. We did a lot of reading and researched the brands and were satisfied he could be very healthy on a plant-based diet. I actually decided the quality vegan foods were of a much higher quality than the regular dog foods. I feel it’s a great thing for sustainability and also the ethical concerns around pet food production.

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