Reduce carbon emissions and pollution but up to 73%

Reduce carbon emissions and pollution but up to 73%

A study by Professor Joseph Poore of the University of Oxford found that elimination of animal products from the diet and the uptake of plant-based alternatives reduces carbon emissions and pollution by up to 73%while cutting down land use by 75%. Furthermore, the drastic reduction in factory farming for animal products due to the growth of veganism will save wildlife that loses their habitats due to industrial growth. Animals reared for meat, which tends to be herbivores like cows, goats, and sheep, also pollute the atmosphere through flatulence which releases more greenhouse gas emissions than vehicles, planes and other modes of transport combined.Vegan alternatives that replace meat in the diet such as vegetable proteins, soy products, legumes, nuts, grains etc require much fewer resources to produce and deliver to consumers, providing numerous benefits to the environment. 
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