Reduce inflammation and set tail to full wag!

Reduce inflammation and set tail to full wag!

Hey there human companion! 👋🐕

Have you considered what your dog's food is made up of? All too often we hear about easy to fix issues being inflamed by a poor diet. 🤒

Have a think about this. Your pet eats an entirely meat-based kibble, then meat-based wet food and even their treats are made from meat! 🍖🍖🍖

We promote the addition of plant-based food to your pets regular meal. It contains lots of fibre and plants are naturally anti-inflammatory which helps boost your pet's health from head to tail. 🌱🐶

Add a dry plant-based kibble to your pets next meal, or give them some healthy plant-based treats and watch their health improve. 🌞

Suitable for dogs of all ages. ☑️

What are you waiting for, order some samples from our website for just 50 cents and let pooch make the decision? 💝

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