7 Spooktacular Ways to Spend Halloween With Your Pet

7 Spooktacular Ways to Spend Halloween With Your Pet

Halloween is fast becoming a popular event in Australia as more and more trick or treaters scour neighbourhoods for treats or to leave a mischievous mark. Have you ever considered how your dog copes with this od human behaviour? Keep it fun and safe for your ‘Beasts’ this year with some of our spooktacular tips. 

  1. Quality time with your ‘Beast/s’
    Go for a walk and check out the decorations in the early afternoon before the frighters are out.

  2. Dog Treats are a must, human treats are a must not…
    There are too many treats we should not be feeding our dogs at this time of year, all of which will be questionably for human consumption and contain copious amounts of sugars (xylitol an artificial sweetener is extremely toxic for dogs). Even if you are opting for the dieter's style Halloween treat, you need to watch out for natural toxic foods like grapes and sultanas/ raisins.

  3. Our top spooky treats for your ‘Beast/s’ are:
    Spooky sweet potato
    Batty Veggie Ears
    Scratching Veggie Paws

  4. Cooking with Pets
    Whip up a batch of our “Blood” Stained Pupcakes with Pooch and let them lick the bowl. Then kick back and enjoy the spoils together.  
    Blood Stained Pupcakes

  5. How scary is too scary?
    Little Ghouls and Goblins may be visiting your house on Halloween dressed in their best scare and with howling to match. Your dog may find this experience stressful. Similar to humans, your dog will respond with either fight or flight mode, becoming defensive by barking and biting or running away. We want to take the fright out of fright night by keeping their space as stress-free as possible.

    Consider setting up a safe space in your house that puts some distance between your dogs and the frightful creatures who may be visiting. Make sure there is a filled water bowl and some yummy treats on hand.

    For their own safety and the trick or treaters safety ensure they are on a leash if you plan on answering the door with your ‘Beast’ dressed up in toe.

    Pay attention to your pet's face, ears and tail. Body language is a key way to see if your pet is in an uncomfortable situation. Tell tale signs that your dog is not happy include tail between legs, pulling away from the situation, yawning, shaking and lip licking. While all of these signals may not happen all at once, the best way to ensure your dog is at their happiest is to keep an eye out for their stress indicators.

    Turn off the front door light to minimise anyone trick or treating your property

  6. Dress Ups
    Scary costumes can be awfully convincing in the dark. Again we need to keep an eye on our dogs behaviour. There is nothing happier than being with a relaxed, happy dog so keep an eye on tail wags, inviting for a belly rub, play bows and relaxed facial expressions.

    If you plan on your pup doing some scaring...Make sure you keep them supervised while they are dressed up. October can be a hot month in Australia and you don’t want your pets to overheat. Ensure there is always fresh water in a nearby water bowl for them.

  7. Keep a closer eye on children with dogs
    You never know what a little monster could hand to a dog in a moment of unsupervised contact, lollies and chocolate wrappers as examples. On the other hand stressed or anxious dog due to the spooky theme could be dangerous around children and that is not a risk worth taking for the dog or you.

  8. Clean up
    There is always something to clean up whether that be wrappers, decorations or poop… yep. Let’s do it the right way and use compostable bags to help save further plastic going to landfill. Order our compostable poop bags online and use them for all purposes including picking up dog poop...

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