Why you should keep all that chocolate to yourself and definitely shouldn't give any to your dog

Why you should keep all that chocolate to yourself and definitely shouldn't give any to your dog

Chocolate and Dogs Don’t Mix

It is a pretty common concept that dogs should not eat chocolate. But what about Vegan chocolate? Why can’t dogs eat chocolate? 🤔 What about those puppy eyes!? 🥺

From our research, the part of chocolate that is toxic to man's best friend is theobromine, a bitter-tasting alkaloid found in cocoa and chocolate and has a strong caffeine-like effect. This molecule is more slowly metabolised by dogs and increases blood flow to the brain. Toxicity is dose-related and the overall quantity of chocolate digested will affect the dog at different rates depending on their size.

Signs your dog may have consumed chocolate are vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, panting, restlessness, excessive urination and a racing heart rate. Severe poisoning can lead to muscle tremors, seizures and heart failure. Symptoms of Chocolate poisoning can take hours to develop and can last for days. Call your vet immediately if you suspect poisoning.

Type of chocolate is also a factor in the concentration of theobromine. Dark chocolate contains higher levels of theobromine compared to milk chocolate varieties. So although dark chocolate is thought to benefit our health, it does the opposite for your pet.

So now there are no surprises when I say that Vegan chocolate is also not safe for your pooch. Sadly enough you should safely store away all chocolate Vegan or dairy-based (...is this sad? I personally don’t like to share my chocolate anyway 😈🤭). 

So during Easter when we enjoy our indulgence into chocolate, why don’t we steer clear of chocolate all together for pooch. We don’t want to confuse them with what chocolate they should be eating and what chocolate we don’t want them to eat (especially if they find one of those pesky little easter eggs hidden in the crack of the couch or forgotten on the hunt in the garden). We stock some cute products which will bring the joy of Easter to your pet without the risk of a vet trip.

Veggie Paws (various awesome flavours)
Rascals Treats (various awesome flavours)
Whimzees (why not try the veggie sausages for a different shape)

All of this aside...what has confused me most about commercial easter is why a bunny is handing out eggs? 🥚 When did the Herbivore decide to deal in egg currency? 🐇

We hope you have a terrific Easter amongst all the chaos going on in the world around us. Hopefully, you have the time to make Easter special for you and your furry friends.


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