Can Your Dog Eat a Plant Based Diet?

Can Your Dog Eat a Plant Based Diet?

Short answer: Yes!

But let's first explain why it is that dogs can eat plant-based, just like their human counterparts!  In fact, many dogs get healthier on a plant-based diet compared to traditional animal-based pet foods. 

Dogs are omnivorous, and we know this because of the length of the small intestine and their ability to synthesise important amino acids. Dogs are well known to be quite fond of carrots, broccoli, and other crunchy vegetables, which can help regulate their systems and keep them healthy. 

It’s no secret that dogs need protein, just like humans, protein is an important part of our diet, but there is plenty of protein found in plants. Traditional pet food companies use filler products and get their meat from parts of animals that may be considered unfit for human consumption. PETA refers to animals used in pet food as dead, dying, diseased, and disabled. This is a major problem not only within the pet food industry, but the meat industry in general. If you shouldn’t eat it, then should your dog?

For those of us who want to try and reduce the amount of animal-based food in our dogs’ diets, there are many great options! Your dog will thrive on a plant-based diet when using a balanced and complete pet food along with the occasional home cooked side dish.

To introduce dogs to a plant-based diet, start slowly and gently transition their diet from meat to a balanced and complete plant-based pet food. If the dog doesn't take well to the change, we would suggest not to force it on them. Instead, you may be able to supplement their diet with the occasional plant-based side dish or treat if they like it.

Start by replacing a bit of your dog’s regular food with a balanced and complete plant-based dog food, even try adding some crunchy veggies, such as a few slices of carrots or some small pieces of broccoli. Keep introducing more plant-based dog food into the dog’s diet until you're 100% plant-based! Then pat yourself on the back for being so sustainable and giving your dog the greatest gift of good health!

If you're worried about your dog's nutrition or are adding a lot of home-cooked foods you might even consider giving your dog a natural nutritional boost such as Augustine Approved products, so they will not lose out on any important nutrients they need to keep up their energy levels and live a healthy life. 

Dogs with stomach and digestive sensitivities seem to do extremely well with vegetarian and vegan-style diets because of its anti-inflammatory and balanced nutritional properties. It keeps them regular, and because their food contains no meat, there are no dyes, chemicals, hormones, bad bacteria or other by-products that can negatively impact their health. This is one of the many good things about switching your dog to a plant-based diet. Many dogs with sensitive stomachs or tricky digestion do better with plant-based food than they do with traditional dog foods.

Our plant-based pet food is made with real food!

Your dog is a member of the family.  Make sure your dog stays healthy, active, and happy from puppyhood to adulthood by switching from meat-based dog food to plant-based dog food. Consult your vet, follow their advice, and then pick up some of our plant-based pet food products to help keep your furry friend healthy and happy! 

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