Dip your Toes into Meatless Mondays

Dip your Toes into Meatless Mondays

Diet choices affect more than just our personal health and the health of our pets.

A study by Professor Joseph Poore of the University of Oxford found that elimination of animal products from the diet and the uptake of plant-based alternatives reduces carbon emissions and pollution by up to 73% while cutting down land use by 75%. Learn more about environmental impact here.

If putting your pet on a 100% Vegan diet is a challenge you are not ready for yet. We are here to say, that is ok. We accept that one diet and one type of lifestyle will never fit in with everyone. However, we want to provide you with the tools and the freedom to experiment a little.

We stock some of the best quality plant-based pet foods and treats which makes it easy to choose what to feed your pets. You just need to decide when...

Welcome Meatless Monday's!
M.M.'s don't have to be complicated. Fruits, veggies and grains = a powerhouse of nutrition. Setting your pet down food that is free from animal products (potential toxins, excess hormones and additives) one day per week will increase their nutritive intake for the week while providing benefits to their physical and mental health.

A meatless meal for a dog or cat may sound like this... high quality, balanced Vegan pet kibble (options below) topped with well-cooked brown or white rice, finely chopped steamed vegetables of your choice and well-cooked lentils. Portion size should be based around your dog's needs. Follow the feeding guides on your kibble packet then top with nutritionally dense tasty toppings.

We recommend a Vegan kibble as they are complete and balanced with the nutrition your dog or cat will need to ensure they are healthy. Alternatively, you can make food from scratch at home using tons of tasty recipes found online. 

Embracing a diet and lifestyle that is good for your pet and the planet is all about shifting mindset and being open to experimentation.😉

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