Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet for your Dog

Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet for your Dog

Aside from the many environmental and ethical benefits, Vegan dog foods can improve Allergies, Arthritis, Tummy Troubles, Weight problems and much more.


Some dogs suffer from painful skin irritations or tummy trouble. In some circumstances, the environmental cause of the allergy can actually be proteins in the animal products they’re consuming. If meat is not the cause, the irritation may still be helped by the anti-inflammatory properties of high-quality plant-based foods.

2016 study explored the source of Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions in dogs and cats and found the most common allergens to be:

Beef 34%
Dairy 17%
Chicken 15%
Wheat 13%
Lamb 14.5%
Soy 6%
Corn 4%
Egg 4%
Pork 2%
Fish & Rice 2%

Testimonial: See our community story from Penny 2/05/19.

Arthritis & Senior Dogs

A vegan diet can work wonders on sore joints and arthritisCountless V-Dog customer testimonials attribute improved mobility to a better diet. One of the many reasons is the natural anti-inflammatory properties of plant-based foods as opposed to animal fats and proteins that can be quite inflammatory.

Tummy Troubles

Plant-based foods are generally leaner, more easily digested and far more gentle on your pup’s tummy. This can make a big difference if your dog has food sensitivities causing symptoms like vomiting, loose stool & gas.

The root cause of these upsets could also be allergies as mentioned above. So removing meat, dairy or wheat could make a big difference to your pup’s life.

Weight Issues

4 out of 10 Australian dogs are overweight or obese! All that extra weight causes expensive health problems and sadly a shortened life span.

It is common to see overweight dogs who switch from meat-based to plant-based diets experience healthy weight loss and improved weight regulation.

The reason could be a reduction in animal fat consumption and generally a better quality of food found in most vegan dog food brands.

See V-Dog weight loss testimonials.

Picky Eaters

We’ve heard from a number of owners who prefer quality vegan food to traditional meat-based pet food. Our foods contain the right balance of proteins, fats and nutrients to keep your dog happy and healthy. Dogs LOVE the taste of our vegan dog foods. If you’re not sold, try one of our sample bags and see how it goes.


This is a general guide only. For breed specific medical advice please speak to your vet.

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