TOP 4 TIPS to a longer life for you and pooch!

TOP 4 TIPS to a longer life for you and pooch!

Aging is Inevitable... 

How can you and your pooch live a longer, healthier life? Here are our top 4 tips for not only quantity but also quality of life!

Excercise 🏃‍♂️
Make sure you and your pooch are getting in lots of exercise! The current recommendation for humans is 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. And I don't think your dog will mind joining you (unless it is one of those 3am jaunts that happens in the middle of they probably will still love it!).

Sleep 😴
This one is for people because we've never met a dog who doesn't sleep enough! Make sure you're leaving yourself a window of 8-9 hours per night to get a good rest. Sleeping less than 6-7 hours can shorten your life expectancy and cause all kinds of serious health problems, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Stress 👿
Make sure you keep your stress within healthy levels. High levels of stress can cause mental health problems, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke! And whatever you do, don't get stressed about being stressed, do something proactive. Great news, spending time with our pets is known to reduce stress levels. In addition to the tips above (Sleep and Exercise), make sure you leave time to indulge in some personal hobbies and social activities with friends, like throwing the ball with your four-legged companion! 🥎

Food 🥑
Eating healthy cannot be overstated. This goes for Pooch too. Although if you're anything like us, your dog probably eats better than you do... 🤣

For the hoomans, stick to what's natural: real, whole food is the best food. You can do this too for your Pooch, just make sure you're meeting all their nutritional requirements which can be a little different to your own.

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