Top 7 books for your Plant Based Diet (Human Article)

Top 7 books for your Plant Based Diet (Human Article)

This article is aimed at helping our beloved humans rather than our furry friends! Enjoy.

The amount of evidence supporting a majority plant based diet for humans is now undeniable. For a couple of great reads of the evidence and fantastic inspiration consider picking up a few of these insightful and inspiring books next time you're at the book store.

The following book list is recommended and contributed by our Plant Power Pets staff members to help you start (or continue) your journey:

Fibre Fuelled by Dr Will Bulsiewicz
This very modern take on Plant Based eating and gut health is backed with tons of carefully researched medical journal evidence. Will shares his personal story and his real experiences as a professional gut doctor treating his patients with real food.

Finding Ultra - Rich Roll
Follow Rich Roll's journey as he transitions from Alcoholism to Junk Food Addict to one of the world's fittest Ultra Marathon Runners. Learn with him as he changes his life for the better. Rich Roll also now operates a fantastic Pod Cast worth a listen.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
You'll never touch dairy again after just the second chapter. The evidence presented in this book is startling. This book explores more than just 'The China Study'. It's a composition of the Authors lifetime of scientific experience. Growing up as a young man on a dairy farm, a lifetime of study and research has led this author to design and champion the Whole Food Plant Based diet as the best diet for a long, healthy life. T. Colin Campbell is now 87 years old and still working hard.

How Not To Die by Michael Greger MD
If you need to read all the evidence, prepare to be beaten with a science stick in How Not to Die. Backed by unbelievable amounts of good science, this book explores modern health issues and how what we eat can treat and even reverse serious health problems that people have been suffering for years or even decades and how to look after your own health and longevity through good eating. (Also a How Not to Die Cookbook to get you started in the kitchen.)

Lifespan by Dr David A. Sinclair
This book, by world leading Australian research scientist Dr David Sinclair is much less about diet and more about whole body health and what science is telling us right now about the optimum way to live for the longest and best quality of life. This book is very well written (Try the Audiobook narrated by the Author) and explains the benefits of diet, exercise, sleep, relationships and how new chemicals are affecting lifespan in study after study.

The Starch Solution by John A. McDougall MD
Debunk fad diets and learn about the benefits of low and slow carbs. This book explores the truth of carbs, separates the good carbs from the bad, and explains that they're not the enemy they've been made out to be. Full of good science, strong arguments and helpful meal plans to get you started on the right track with delicious plant based meals.

Forks over Knives (COOKBOOKS)
For inspiration in the kitchen it's hard to go past these tasty Whole Food Plant Based recipes. Find hundreds of tasty recipe ideas for every mealtime.

What's your favourite book on Plant Based living? Add to the comments below and we'll update our list.

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