Vegan Diet for Dogs: They Don't Need to Give Up Meat Completely

Vegan Diet for Dogs: They Don't Need to Give Up Meat Completely

You don’t need to give up meat completely and we are not saying your dog has to either - that's your personal choice. But let’s think about how much of it we feed our family companions.

It is like those ridiculous burgers you see advertised with a piece of deep-fried chicken posing as the burger bun with the bacon and cheese in the middle.

It may seem fun to try once, but because we know it is bad for us we don't eat it every day. So why do we not think twice about the fact that we give dogs a daily dose of 4 high-fat meat meals? With meat-based kibble, fresh meat on top and a dried meat-based treat or two, not to mention any meaty dinner scraps on the side. We are gradually reducing the longevity and health of our companion animals.

Dogs are omnivores and they are dying of the same diseases that have overtaken the human western world including cancers, heart disease and obesity. By increasing our own meat consumption we have also increased that of our companion animals. It has never been cheaper or easier to get our hands on bulk quantities of meat and animal-based products to feed our pets.

Plant Power Pets was created with the aim to reduce the consequences of meat-based pet diets on the Earth by reducing carbon emissions, unnecessary land use and to reduce the need for farmed animals by making healthy alternatives available to everyone.

This doesn't mean you or your pet needs to give up meat. We are making it easier for you to access plant-based pet foods to incorporate into their daily meals. To minimise the stress on their bodies of processing large quantities of saturated fat, natural and synthetic hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

Plant Power Pets has sourced plant-based pet foods that are AAFCO certified, which means a lot in a retail environment that has very loose guidelines on recalling pet food products should there be any concern about their integrity. Many cases have been highlighted recently in the media around debilitating medical concerns for companion animals consuming these low-grade products.

By incorporating a plant-based pet food of high integrity you are not only ensuring that your money is going towards a product that is nutritious for your pet but also one that is reducing the consequences of excessive land use and carbon emissions.

Try a meat-free meal this week and don't forget to let your best pal join in with a high-quality, nutritious and balanced meal. Choose the path to longevity, health and happiness for your pooch by choosing to feed them more fibre, vitamins and minerals at least one day a week.

It can be as simple as that!

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