Vegan Dog Food, Vegan Cat FoodHi There! from the Creators of Plant Power Pets!

Plant Power Pets has been established to help usher in the future of sustainable pet food. There is no reason you can't have a happy and healthy companion powered by our amazing plant-based products.

Our aim is to reduce the consequences of meat based pet diets on the Earth by reducing carbon emissions, unnecessary land use and to reduce the need for farmed animals by making healthy alternatives available to everyone.

There was a pivotal moment in late 2017 that made us realise it was time to fully embrace a healthier plant-based way of living for our family. 

If we as a family were enjoying and thriving on a plant-based lifestyle, would it work for our dog?

The answer was a resounding Yes! 

Plant Power Pets was born in January 2019. Since then we have poured hours of research into sourcing the best plant-based pet foods on the market. We have worked really hard to bring you the best range of high quality plant-based pet food.

The future of Plant Power Pets

As we begin to grow our business, Plant Power Pets is excited to bring you more plant-based pet food options. We will also be bringing you sustainable pet products, such as essential items, toys, accessories and books. All the while we want to reduce the price of our products and develop cheaper and more efficient ways of delivering to your door making plant-based options more accessible to all.

We're super excited for the future and can't wait to see this movement take off.

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